All healing activity flows from a state of compassion within oneself. What we serve to do is establish a connection to that healing state. Establish communication between the mind and body, between the self and the Soul, and send the message for life force energy to flow.


Gia & Mason are partnered in love and service. They travel the world sharing the very techniques and teachings that have been essential in their own lives in discovering the body's innate wisdom and unlocking our divine co-creative potential as humans. They approach their work with a deep reverence for its sacred traditional origins, for the courage people bring to their self-work and the space held and created by those they collaborate with. 


They share their joy and love of life with their son Nova. 

Ancient Roots is collaborative and community centric.  We work with established studios, community centers, businesses and festivals to provide group transformational experiences that are aligned with the mission of our partners. For event booking information, please reach out.

It's more about you

What we do isn't about us at all. It's about facilitating the space for you to create a genuine relationship between the Self and the Soul. We will meet you right where you're at and walk the path together toward newfound empowerment over your wellbeing.

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Tel: 773.398.3109​

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