Discover the cosmic force and resonant power of the gong. Become an instrument of the instrument. Join our group gong trainings or book a private lesson.

Creating a Relationship with the Gong

The gong is a sixth century instrument that produces mysterious tonal mixtures that hold the timeless wisdom of the cosmos. Playing the gong is like playing the universe. The alchemical tones that come forth from a few gentle strokes create a continuum of sound that effortlessly carries the listener to an intimate space within themself. There is no instrument like it.

Our approach to the gong isn't so much as musicians, but as deep listeners, facilitators or instruments of the the instrument. When you enter a relationship with the gong, you are embarking on what has the potential to be a lifelong fulfilling journey that brings you into your highest resonance. One thing we teach about the gong is the gong has much to teach us. Our training courses are designed with intention to inspire the consciousness of the gong player and equip them with techniques to become a channel for the gong's cosmic force.

Photos from Playing the Universe: An Intro to the Gong, a quarterly offering at Sat Nam Yoga Chicago

our gong courses and private trainings cover

Gong Cosmogony ∙ Tuning in to gong consciousness ∙ Fundamental Techniques ∙ Mallet Strokes ∙ Tonal Points & Gong Anatomy ∙ Gong Meditations ∙ Playing for a Group ∙ Playing in 1-on-1 scenarios ∙ Opening and closing a session ∙ Much more!

Virtual private instruction sessions are recorded and sent to the student to keep for future reference.

Note: All in person training is on hold through Covid. Private online training sessions are now available, and are tailored to the skill and understanding of the gong player. Participants must have their own gong, which can be ordered directly through us.


Email Mason for details and all inquiries relating to gong orders.

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$100 per hour

5 2 hour sessions ~ $900

10 2 hour sessions ~ $1600


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