There's a Meditation for Healing Addictions

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

The pressure and rhythmic pulse created in this meditation regulates the pituitary gland and assists in healing the cognitive activities affected by substance abuse that make it so hard to drop a habit. Try it in a comfortable, quiet space and be kind to yourself as you get to know it.

This is the posture held throughout

1. Sitting in a comfortable position, make fists with your hands and press your thumbs into your temples at the spot where you can feel a little flex if you clench your teeth. 

2. Close your eyes and roll them in and up to the point where the root of your nose meets your skull bone, and lock your back molars together. Hold this gaze of your eyes and lock of your teeth throughout.

3. Mentally vibrate or think the sounds “SA TA NA MA” repeatedly while clinching your teeth in rhythm with each syllable in the mental vibration. Keep the pressure on with your thumbs, and feel into the flexing. Breathe long and deep.

There is a power in your presence to propel you forward, from past pain to your full potential. There is deep sweetness in being with your full connected Self. May this meditation provide you with a taste of that truth, take you from inhibition to intuition, ground you in the reality of your expanse and your own capacity to recover your radiance.


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