This 9 Minute Meditation will Give You New Life

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

The Yogis say if you do this meditation for 40 days, it will totally change the molecular structure of your body. Done for just 9 minutes, this meditation will give you longevity, it will liberate you from limited ways of thinking.

1. From a seat, raise your right arm up to 60 degrees in front of you and reach your left arm back 60 degrees behind you. Your arms should form a diagonal line, with the right palm facing down and the left palm facing up. Extend the Jupiter (index) finger of both hands and lock the rest down with your thumb. Close your eyes, breathe long and deep, and bring the gaze down as if you could see straight through your chin. Continue like this for 3 minutes.

2. Holding the arms as the are, extend the Mercury (pinkie) finger along with the Jupiter finger. Keep the other fingers locked down with the thumb, keep your gaze in and through the chin, and continue long slow deep breath for 3 minutes.

3. Continuing to hold the arms as they are, extend all fingers now, tighten your muscles, stretch further into the posture and continue. Eyes still focused in and through the chin, and the breath is still long and deep. Use the breath to carry you through it for 3 more minutes.

To end: Inhale & hold the breath in for 10 seconds. Reach your arms, stretch them out as much as you can, tighten every fiber in your being, exhale powerfully, and repeat 2 more times.

It is okay to cut the times on this meditation. Do it for 1.5 minutes each for example , and work your way up to the full 9 minutes. Let your body go through it's changes. Let what comes up in your mind come up. Just go through it, and you will be surprised. Don't practice this meditation for longer than 9 minutes.


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