Experience the Original You with this Meditation

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

This meditation is simple, yet a strong, effective and quick way to deliver yourself to the strength of the original You. To receive its benefits, commit to the breath techniques as consciously as you can. The Yogis say if you practice this every day for 120 days you will gain great vitality and a renewed self concept.

This is the posture held throughout the meditation

1. Interlace your fingers and stretch the arms out in front of you with the palms facing away from the body. Try to keep the arms level with no bend in the elbows. Eyes closed, bring your focus like a triangle to the tip of your nose. Inhale long, slow and deep for 20 seconds (or as long as you can). Hold the breath for 20 seconds (or just as long as your inhale). Then exhale for 20 seconds (or just as long as the first 2 segments). Continue this breath for 3 minutes. Keep the segments even whatever the depth of your breath.

One Minute Breath

One Minute Breath can reduce anxiety, optimize coordination between hemispheres of the brain, and activate the frontal lobe dealing with intuition and executive functioning. Relax your way into it. Bring the breath in through the three chambers: Belly first, into the diaphragm, then the chest. Then hold the breath when the chest is full. Start with 5-10 second segments and build gradually. It will open you to feel within no time.

2. Keeping the arms as they are begin to inhale through the nose, and exhale through the mouth like a cannon. What you get out of this meditation relies fully on the force of your breath. Give yourself to it. Continue this breath for 3 minutes.

3. Stay in the position. Inhale and hold your breath while pumping your navel as vigorously as you can. When you can no longer hold the breath in, inhale and begin again. Continue at your own pace for 3 minutes.

To end Inhale and stretch your arms out forward as far as you can. Hold the breath in for 15 seconds, then exhale through the mouth like a cannon. Repeat two more times.

4. Release your hands and bring the elbows in toward the ribs, extending the Jupiter (index) finger of both hands. Begin to circle your forearms in outward circles as fast as you can to circulate the energy you've created. Do it so powerfully that it shakes your spine. Continue moving as fast as possible for 2.5 minutes.


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