Reclaiming the Feminine Creative Force

The world is in a shift because we are in a shift. In many ways, the world as it has been is continuing to be revealed to us. We are feeling the collective pain of the death of a dark age. We've been told the wrong stories forever, so it seems impossible to transcend.

As it relates to women and the recent bans on their reproductive rights, the patriarchy never wanted them to have power. Many in our society have bypassed women as creators to align their world view with the theological view that the creator is a He. In Gnostic Christianity, this He is born of She and begins ignorant of the fact he is the demiurge, the most chaotic of the archons, or lesser Gods born of Sophia. This willful ignorance is still embodied in how men relate to women today. When the demiurge in this story becomes aware She is the creative force of the universe and his own life, he sets into motion cosmic action to conceal this power that is greater than His. He creates the physical world that we live in, infects it with ignorance, pride and the pursuit of power, keeping us mostly unaware of her, but connected to the beauty she brings and therefore longing for her soul as She is who encompasses the mercy and love of God.

These stories are needed now, because we have a crumbling Piscean society. The fish has grown feet and is heading toward an age of awareness and embodied wisdom. Those still operating in the hierarchal structure of our cosmic origin and the previous age are clinging to everything they can. They know their power is temporary. They know they cannot create like woman, so they constrict. They know they do not have the power to bring life into this world, so they are trying to take it from those that do in the small ways they can.

They know they do not have the power to bring life into this world, so they are trying to take it from those that do in the small ways they can.

So much of this is written throughout time. These men now are still playing out the problems depicted as our cosmological origin in the books of Christian mysticism. Please remember, they are limited in number and capacity and your time has come to reclaim your sovereign space. You feel it. I feel it. They feel it. They are the ones who fear, so don't fear them, because you've always had the power, the creativity, the stamina, the intuition they wish they did.

It is our collective duty to transcend this ancient karma. The influence of the planets is in its lowest when we are in our lowest, and we've been trapped there awhile by systems that syphon, extract and distract all of us from our sacred nature. Women are the true creative force of the universe and for the beauty that exploded from colliding with the polar masculine to be experienced here on earth as we see it across the cosmos, men must know their role. A few things that role is not is a thief, a director or oppressor.

The birth of a new age of light

What's happening on Earth has to be dealt with on Earth, obviously. As men, we need to realign with the truth of where we came from. Know what your role is not. Listen deeper to what women are telling you about women, you don't know better than they do. Don't make a joke of war. That's what this is in many ways, and for women to win is for all of us to win. We all get to move on from this tyranny. Advocate. Join the fight everywhere it goes. Take it to new places.

Regardless your gender identity, if it's against your religious beliefs and this whole post is confounding, that's okay. You can hold that in your heart as true and I'll have compassion for you in that. That's what religious freedom is. You're free to keep a healthy existence of faith in your life, and abide by your moral compass as you feel it was communicated by your God, and other's are free to live outside of it as well abiding by their own. Your fight in this is unconstitutional. Women's fight in this is as large as life. You need to understand that.

We read our body responses and the stars for guidance. Women have always been more attuned to cycles. Here we are, Kali Yuga. Burn it down. I want to see the ground give way for the freedom you deserve and have never been able to fully experience because of the small actions of small men.


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