Sound Healing harnesses the organizing and creative capacity of vibration to coordinate and re-harmonize places of dis-ease in the subtle, physical and emotional bodies creating a sensation of revitalization and improved well-being.

The Benefits of Sound Healing

The benefits of Sound Healing are now bolstered by emerging science and the recognition that external vibration can influence body functions such as blood pressure, pulse, and respiration. Sound healing sessions are felt as well as heard, providing the receiver with both a physiological vibration and a psychological experience that reorganizes the emotional energy embedded in the physical body structure. Sound healing effortlessly opens an access point for people to have an expansive inner experience that can simplify the complexity of recovering personal peace and sovereignty. In the embrace of a gong or singing bowl soundscape, one can organize and integrate their feelings, silence the monologue of the mind and go beyond the boundaries of limiting patterns, beliefs or behaviors. 

You may benefit from a session if you are seeking assistance with:

Reducing stress, anxiety or depression  Managing physical pain & tension  Improving cellular cleansing mechanisms  Creating mind and body synergy  Repairing the nervous system  Relieving symptoms of premenstrual syndrome  Relieving symptoms of PTSD​  Reducing behavioral problems in children  Lowering blood pressure  Improving your mood  Improving sleep

Every experience and process of healing is uniquely personal. Your individual needs will be compassionately heard, and time and space for conversation will always be provided after a session.


The deeply penetrating vibrations of these instruments affect the body on a cellular level. They stimulate the glandular and nervous systems, creating a tangible physical sensation of rejuvenation and promoting a more optimal state of functioning.


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Gong Resonance Therapy ~ $100/hr

Vibrational Bowl Therapy ~ $100/hr

Gong + Bowl ~ $165/hr

Gong + Bowl (private group) ~ Inquire


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